Stay on Track


A Simple Package to Keep Your BluePrint Projects on Schedule

Don't Let your Tasks Slip

BlueStart is a simple utility package for BluePrint. Have you ever had the best intentions to finish a task on time but simply forgot? BlueStart will help.

BlueStart can remind you about tasks that are late so you don't forget. BlueStart will also show you the current tasks and even the tasks coming up tomorrow if you want. BlueStart is a small application that can be setup to appear each time you turn on your Newton. Or you can launch it as a normal package and get a quick overview of all your current projects.

If you can't afford to forget what you have to do, get BlueStart. Of course, you have to get on track before you can stay on it, think BluePrint: Newton's Premier Project Manager.

Download: BlueStart.pkg.sit.hqx


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