Formula Notes:

1.  Symbols are separated by "spaces", and paramaters by "commas".  Each space tells Formula to parse the next combination of letters or numbers as a symbol.  eg. integrate(a,b) produces one symbol with the limits a,b.  integrate (a,b) will produce an integral symbol, followed by the text (a,b).  integrate(a, b)  is also invalid because of the space.

2.  For strings that accept parameters (ie. integrate, sum, product, and lim), you can specify another symbol WITHOUT paramaters, it will format correctly.

eg. integrate(a^2,b_0) or sum(a,lim) will format correctly
    integrate(a^2,sum(a,b)) or sum(a,lim(a-)) will NOT format correctly because the parser is not robust enough to handle it yet

3.  You cannot combine symbols.  eg. a^0 + b_0 will work correctly,  a^0+b_0 will *not* work correctly.

4.  Formula has no operator precedence.  ie.  3+23/y  will actually appear in Formula as (3+23)/y.  The temporary solution?  Format your equations properly with spaces: 3 + 23/y will work properly.